Bill responds to the idiot box 9

This video sucked, and episode 9 was actually pretty funny. And also, only dumb 12 year olds say “n00b”

I actually liked episode 9, longer skits, more scene build.

Video wasn’t made by me it was made by my friend Otis he wanted to me post it.

Scoutking your avatar is creeping me out, but as for the video… I can’t tell whats going on in the video, some black dude gets mad and shoots a dude whos watching a video.

Tell your friend Otis he’s a dumbass.

He’s making better videos than you.


You shouldn’t call yourself “my friend otis”

Otis sure is full of his shitty videos.

my intelegence braek plese instal new one i cnt think now brain was break by video please i want die

I can make better videos than Otis.

I can shit better things than Otis.

Come on guys don’t make fun of Otis.

It’s not his fault his videos suck, he is to busy helping Frank West.

Yes, the video sucked but he wasn’t making fun of the Idiot Box:

Th Idiot boxes past 7 were getting absolutely ridiculous I have to say this one brought it back up to good standards though.

The Title says “Idiot Box 9” and i don’t remember seeing this in the description when i saw it when it was first uploaded.

Only dumb 12 year olds watch the idiot box

“I hate the idiot box. Am i cool yet?”