Bill Takes Adrenaline

Haven’t made a comic in fucking forever. Hope I still got it.

Click for non-compressed.

Bill’s heart just couldn’t take it. :frowning:


At least he died happy.

This is the saddest comic ever made.

I cried.

No not Bill :bang:

There goes repopulating the earth.

poor bill atleast he died happy

Ah, so that’s why it wasn’t in L4D1.

First i thought the adrenaline had some other effects. :v:

Hyperactive old man penis oh crap…

That’s what he gets for doing drugs.

Gotta feel sorry for the poor man, he had a little too much.

Too much, too quick…

Ah Bill. I think you missed your leg and hit… something else when you jabbed it in.

Fire K: lol

He’ll be fine in a few hours

Keep telling yourself that…

That’s why they don’t have adrenaline in L4D, Bill’s old heart wouldn’t take it.

Good stuff Killz.

Looks like he got his medicine :smug:
Nah, really good comic Killz, I laughed

Good job. xd