Bill walkin to cut 'em down

DOF’d version(not cropped):
All In-Game editing
C&C if ya would.


Anyone else?

As Bill would have said; “Pretty damn good”.

Posing and faceposing both look good. Thread music seems fitting. But it’s too bright for my liking, and I think it should be night time (namely because all of L4D1 took place at night.

Overall, it looks good.

188 Views and 4 comments? Come on people…

Power of god? Nah. When did Bill turn the other cheek? Never… The power of Bill I think is more fitting.
Nice cam angle. Like the church steeple/sun detail.

Alternative Music for more Western feel.

God speed bill, god speed.

Anything else? Any critiques or stuff to improve on?

awesome man nice tribute to bill.

Well if you were planning on in-game editing, it looks ok. For a nicer touch, you could use photoshops too make nice sunbeams.