Bill walking around in an infected city during heavy rain

Looks awfully familiar:

Where do you think I got the idea from?
I just remembered the picture but not the creator. Tell me his name and he gets credits for the idea.

I think he was called ChestyMcGee.

He’s a really cool guy.

Oh wow sorry dude. :sigh: Didnt know it was your idea.
How is my picture by the way? Is it a good or a bad repost?

Come on, Chesty. I do this all the time and don’t realize it!

Pets The Combine lightly on the head

Lol im asking again.
Is is a good or a bad repost?

It’s nice. Camera is more interesting than my version and the rain is more noticeable.

You need to remember to take an eraser on a big soft brush at around 50% to the bottom and sometimes the sides of the picture on the rain layer to remove those weird artifacts.

Hey thanks Chesty I never realised those artifacts.
Gonna replace this picture with the fixd one.

its quality

The first time I heard that in one of my threads.
Im happy now.

Comon guys I really need the critism.

It’s nice, love the small, little details.

Poor Bill. Wet and all. Nice rain effect. Love the posing. The way he hunches under the rain. Very realistic.

Although ChestyMcGee gun pose was a bit better. Still one of the better posing I’ve seen. Have a palette.

Wow thanks Rastifan and Paravin!
I wanted to make bill more old and tired but its very good to hear that I finally improved! The pictures can just get better and better from now on and I really need to get Photoshop because I heard its much better and easier than Gimp.

The rain is pixely as shit and doesn’t have any depth.

I twat you for stealing Chestys idea though. You could of expanded on it a bit more.

Gnome… Nice.

That’s not what I heard…

Also, the way he’s gripping the shotgun seems a bit off.

I see the gnome in your picture.

He looks more like jogging than walking.