Bill Walking Through Corridor

C&C Please.

His gun looks a little too shiny.

Is it really that big a problem though? Personally, I think it looks pretty good.

It’s ugly when it’s excessive.

It’s the model that makes the annoying phong.

I have a fix for all the L4D1 weapons. Unfortunately, my PC is under maintenance, so I’m in no liberty to upload those fixes for the horrible shine.

Thank you, i really want to get rid of the ugly shine.

To get back on topic, I like the pic. But the zombie in the gown seems a bit too lit compared to the tray he’s sitting on. You can use the color tool to darken him.

oh…the poor man just wanted a haircut, then the world had to turn to zombies

Thanks for the tip.

He’s not holding the gun.

The posing is pretty good except for the hand on the rifle’s trigger, he is not holding it right, dunno if that was intended tho.

And I like the angle on the pic.