I’m not sure if I’m allowed to release this, but it’s definitely worth some screenshots:

If I’m allowed to release it I’ll also fix his eyes

hahaha nice u should make a mixed bunch of of them e.g zoey’s head on the witch or francis’s head on a hunter lol

Have all 4 on it, :v

My original plan was to make Left4Bill. Basically everything is Bill. Because he’s awesome.

Fucking this.

What the hell?

Do it…Do it now!

If I’m allowed to release this I will probably do that

Do this instead.

I’d still like to see heavy weapons guy on the tank’s skeleton & animation :v:

Imagine the confusion if you made this into a player model…

No it sucks

please, PUH-LEAZE, PUT BILL’S HEAD on the witch.

You suck :frowning:

no you dont i love you, secretly

I didn’t understand your idea :^D

This reminds me ALOT of the general from Planet Terror after he ran out of gas in the basement of the military base.


Well… there isn’t as much pus.

Go ahead.

its not a secret anymore because u just told everyone :open_mouth: