Bill's fucked.


Right Tanks posing is bothering me

duped hunters will rape you till you fall into a generator room as a stiff model

They will all burn to death before bill dies.




Oh wait, its not lit.

Don’t duplicate a ragdoll! Unless you are placing it really out of focus were you cant tell it’s dupped.

The posing seems fine to me.

I feel bad for laughing.


Also, no flame on the Molotov.

I found 42 hunters on this picture.
45 hunters

Ugh all those dupes, it changes the effort.

It’s a shame, the posing is awesome but everything else suck, I really can’t describe how it looks, it’s like a mix between terribly bad and awesomely awesome.


If you still have the save just change those hunters for Generic zombies.

Or better yet, if you have a night-like map, re-do the pose there(changing the hunters for generic zombies ofc).

Would if I could, but my zombies are all shiny-like.

That picture is cool. ^^


I read this “Bill’s fucked like a pig.”

I regret checking this guys youtube

And on topic, it could be better, but it’s also quite good
It’s kind of awkward, but in a good way

He should have like… Lit the Molotov. :smiley: