Bill's Last Stand - Contains spoilers!

As we should all know by now, Bill is the one who dies in The Passing DLC for Left 4 Dead 2.

I decided to make a screenshot of what I hope to be a cutscene or something when the Left 4 Dead 1 DLC comes out, where we get to see Bill die.

I like it myself (Except for the VERY obvious clipping on the hands and the M16…)! As you can see, in the background is Francis helping Louis away, who’s leg is damaged as we know it from The Passing, and to the right is Zoey preparing for an incoming Horde.

Please leave some neat C&C, or make it rain boxes.

Bill has lived the longest, so, I did imagine him trying to give his younger friends a chance to help rebuild the world.

It’s rather bright for the theme and, as you said, the hand positioning isn’t so good. Remember to pose the thumbs too because Zoey’s are sticking right up.

Not bad though. Posing looks okay.

Actually i would say that the posing is really stiff. Louis seems to have passed out. Bill’s pose on the upper body is good but not the lower is messed up. Is he even floating ? same as zoey’s lower part of body.

Use super DoF instead of simple, it looks a million times better.

some of the people in these threads have eyes like shithouse rats. If you dont get the referance, I suggest you get a blockbuster account and buy yourself a clue !


GRRRR8 Pic tho :smiley:

Should of left Louis, he just slows them down.

Yeah, but Francis, Zoey, and Louis are all just normal people and don’t exactly put survival over morals. Bill is probably the only one to experience anything like that, and that is probably why he sacrificed himself.

I see you haven’t played The Passing?

Nice work apart from the clipping issue and strong blur.

Dude, it’s a gaming forum - what did you expect?

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I did, Louis has fucked legs. Cripple = slow.