Bill's Nice Grass

I wonder who or what is this Bill.

He made some very nice grass.

I hope we can see more updates containing some of Bill’s creations.

(Like better rocks and maybe different kinds of wood piles, not just one generic model for it)

Bill is the best, who else agrees?


They should take out “Bill’s” grass for now so half the population can play.


The grass definitely took the aesthetics up a level, keep up the work Bill.

Its actually sad how long I’ve already spent listening to this song and how much longer I will spend listening to this song…

Bill needs to get rid of his grass so i can play rust

I think you should get a better computer… If every game looked like crap so everyone could play it, this would be console.

I call him Billionaire because he makes me feel so rich when in his presence.

Will we ever get to meet this Bill? We want to see our savior. I want him to have my children.

Bill need to fix this grass, its sweet and all but fourth day without being able to play now getting pretty ridiculous.