Billy mays SWEP V. 2 (tribute to billy mays)

Ok guys, i know the first billy mays swep was pretty bad made but here i am again with the upgraded billy mays swep.
This time i got a friend of mine to make a custom model and i made a sent for the swep.
This time when you left click you throw an oxiclean ball which removes whatever it hits (except from world and players.)
Right click still makes the billy mays sounds.

Download link is here:

And special thanks to:
Rago (model)
Robbis_1 (a little guiding)
Sillymicrobe (sounds)
and of course Billy Mays
Thank you guys without you i couldn’t have done this.

Enjoy and in the end R.I.P Billy Mays.

Sounds cool but I want
Pictures of the new model,
Also it is quiet sad Billy Mays is now dead. :crying:
Rest in peace Billy Mays.

R.I.P Billy. We are all gonna miss you. MY hero :¨(

C’mon mate make some model pictures for these guys.

This one’s a bit better.

Why is that?

<— Rip Billy Mays, You were the best damn pitchman

I know this may sound stupid, but who the hell is Billy Mayes, all you americans talk about him but us british are like… “What the hell?”

He was a guy who did infomercials. A lot of them. He was actually becoming pretty well known for being in so many. And a lot of people just seemed to kinda like him. There’s a video on youtube of him ordering food at McDonalds in his usual infomercial form, for a camera-toting fan. What a sport.

He recently died of a heart attack. Nobody saw it coming. Nobody even knew he had heart disease.

Actually, he died because of having an over-sized heart.

This is becoming a billy mays discussion and not a swep feedback post.

SO? R.I.P. Billy we will all miss you.

We want pictures first.

So much theories! I heard he died on some plane accident. :crying:! Anyway, back on topic.

No pictures? I want to see what I’m getting before actually getting it. :effort: (no offense, just take some screenies of you using the swep.)


I luv Billy Mays, Get On The Ball xD

Also Dark Wolf can you post a link to that youtube video?

R.I.P Billy Mays

No pics, no clicks.

I would take pictures of it, but steam is stuck updating and it will be a while.

Nice job Kriller, looks awesome!

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, PICTURES!


Thank you.
In next version i will add an “anti-minge” protection to the swep (people can only delete their own props with swep) and probably i will add an cool effect too.