.bin files...

I am trying to access 3d models from a xbox(original) iso file. But all of the model files are in a .bin format and I have no idea how to get to the 3d model if anyone understands that. Could someone help or at least point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Depends on what game,but most likely you will fail.

I found this when searching “.bin extractor” in google, is this the type you mean? http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-whatsimage.htm

Also this one: http://aplications.comohacerpara.com/en/n2753/how-to-open-bin-files.html

Yes, that’s the type of file. I have extracted the desired model, but now I am stuck with, ‘OK I have the bin file, now what?’ Btw, I am trying to get a model from the xbox game, Phantom Crash, If that helps shed some light. What I am trying to get in the end is a simple 3ds model if possible, textures I am not worried about. I tried looking for any type of converter program, but all I find is .bin back to .iso. Thanks! Fail? I don’t know the meaning of that word. :smiley:

From what i’ve read from searching .bin files don’t appear to be a 3D model format but an archive format therefore I would think you need to extract whatever the 3D model format is from the .bin archive. The above quote is the closest i’ve seen to saying it actually opens .bin files.

Yeah, bin is a container. All models and textures are inside, but even if you will get in bin, there most likely will be such format that doesn’t convert.