Bin4ry's Loading Screen For Sale!


i decided to try sell my loading screen for $5. I think this is a fair price for it.


  • Easy Configuration
  • Easy Setup
  • 6 Diffrent color themes (More will come)
  • Edit the rules from the config (Very easy)
  • Very stable and clean
  • 24/7 Support if you need help

Installation / Setup

  1. Get a free webhost like: or
  2. Open the folder with the loading screen and goto: inc/config.php.
  3. Fill in the configurations how you like it.
  4. Upload the folder content to your webhost/webserver.
  5. Goto your GMod Server config.cfg file and add: sv_loadingurl “
  6. Enjoy your new loading screen :slight_smile:


If you want to buy it, leave a comment then PM me and i will instruct you further, the price is: $5.


Counter-offer: Use any of the free loading screen templates available.

$5? I’d pay $0.50 for this if I didn’t have access to a bunch of free ones.

Show me a free one that is exactly the same as mine then.
dont just say you can get a free one, prove it.

I can make one that is the exact same as yours in thirty minutes. You shouldn’t be paid for this, imo.


I don’t need yours, I can get one that is better than yours for free.
1: Common Load by Atomik
2: FlourLoad by Atomik
3: MetroLoad by Marcuz(One of my favorites)

They pretty much do all of the same things, but are free + operate better. MetroLoad has way more options and configurations than this.

I can easily add more configurations though… still i dont like the free ones you showed.

EDIT: You know what, there is always a bunch like you guys on theese forums to “kill” new users posts and flame in the threads cause your jealous, fuck off.

(User was banned for this post ("Be more open to feedback - please don't be rude and tell users to fuck off!" - NiandraLades))

Serious question: What would I get out of buying your loading screen versus the free alternatives?

That 3 box design is pretty overused. If you want 5 bucks you might try making your own layout

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Nobodh here is jealous, dont make that assumption.

The only problem I had with this was the price. That’s literally it.

If you want to sell your work, you have to provide something that others aren’t providing. There has to be incentive to buy your product.

All the Gmod community is now, is a ton of money hungry guys that can’t make a single thing without demanding money for it.

That is not true.

It is in his universe of make believe

Was your steam avatar sometype of marketing ploy? I can never get why people show the joining user steamID, it just looks out of place. Trying to make money off html and abit of php will never fly on facepunch as most people know them vary well.

People just usually copy paste all the example PHP from the loadingurl wiki page.

Holy fuck this has to be a joke.

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Isn’t this suppose to be an addon/gamemode release area? Are you even allowed to sell your shit here? wouldn’t it be classified as advertising?

I think that this forum prouve that its not true