Binary Domain Characters

I made a thread about three years ago asking if someone could bring the Binary Domain characters in Garry’s Mod. Unfortunately, that got nowhere…

I’ve recently played through the game, and my desire to see these characters in GMOD was re-lit. Can this be done?

Believe me buddy im more eager then you. Started working on it early last year. Then my pc died and although I didn’t loose much lost motivation to rewrite everything. However that being said it should be done sometime in March.


Im glad some ones taking this task on, But I have not heard anything from this. Has it been scrapped2

The resources for most characters in the game are available online. You can find them at

Cra0’s tool for the game looked amazing but it’s more bells and whistles than is really needed to just port the characters. You shouldn’t have to wait on that tool.

It has a pretty much all of the human characters, some of the weapons, and two-three robots. Depending on your tastes, two robot variations compared to all of them plus the bosses won’t do most people any good.

They’re also missing a lot of the materials, or at least the ones I downloaded from there were.

3D models of characters, weapons and vehicles >link

That’s the exact same place as we described. Tons of human/Japanese character models, some vehicles and weapons, and only three robot variations: The Assualt 'Bot, the friendly French robot Cain, and the robot from generic dude #264’s childhood. Hate to be cynical, but there still isn’t much to work with.

It’s good at least there is something out there, I’m still working on the GMD tools which will support binary domain + yakuza. Currently have a friend solely reverse engineer the animation format for Magical V which will be pretty neat in the end.

Can’t show much since I got rid of the fancy ui stuff which ran on an older framework I had made years ago.

Once this is all done I plan to do a proper port (with the help of a few friends)of all the characters + their animation data sets/facial expressions hell even the cutscene clips.