BIND command questions

Is there a way to group actions while using ~ to bind keys? I have tried using (),{},,<>, + and none worked. For example, bind z ~(duck;attack);(duck false; attack false). Also, is it possible to reset a ~ sequence to 0. For example bind z ~action0;action1;action2;action3 and after pressing z three times, have another key reset the sequence to action0 so pressing z again will do action1? Lastly, is it possible to check the status of a button condition like checking a key condition similar to meta.if_true or meta.if_false?

This may be useful Keybinds - Rust Wiki

That resource was indeed quite helpful and the most helpful I found, unfortunately, it doesn’t go in-depth enough.

Grouping commands in the cycle bind with ~ isn’t a thing currently but it was recently added so you can reset the state back to the first command, have a look here Keybinds - Rust Wiki