Bind Ragdoll to NPC?

I was wondering if it’s possible to weld a ragdoll to an NPC…so that you could attach the ragdoll’s arms to the NPC’s arms, etc. so that when the NPC moves, it moves the ragdoll with it, as if the ragdoll is an NPC.

I figure this could be useful for Machinima, etc. as it’s a shortcut from having to turn a model into an NPC, all they have to do is bind the ragdoll to an existing NPC.

For example, you could take the Tank from Left 4 Dead and bind it to Dog, make Dog invisible, and it looks like the Tank is moving on its own like it’s an NPC.

I’d love to see someone make something like this, can anyone do this?

Ragmorph does this.

So you can take any old ragdoll and attach it to an NPC? Like, for example, The Left 4 Dead models?

Use these to attatch things

Does constraint work on an NPC? Because I’ve tried using Weld and that didn’t work…

What you do is, create your NPC, and then create a ragdoll, and each think you only set the position of the bones you want to use, so when you don’t set the arms they should be falling down.

In unbroken English, please?