Bind Relay

What is this?

It’s the Wire Pod Controller without the Wire.

With this, you can use the following commands on your numpad, just by pressing the related key.


If I set +forward to be 8, anytime I would move forward, it would press 8 on the numpad.

Install: Drop the “relay.lua” in your autorun/client folder.

A basic car setup may look like;


That’s pretty cool, and it’s clientside. I gave you a useful.

That’s quite nifty, if you’re looking for a way to expand on the idea you could extend it to any key, not just the default binds, by investigating the input.IsKeyDown function.

This seems like the ideal progression.

Quite useful.

Very useful!

Could you make a Stool that attached an entity to a pod so you can have multiple vehicles with different controls, and allow others to drive them?

I remember an addon where you had to put a box on your seat.

Could you do the same? Because, at the moment, it seems that even if I’m not in my seat, it will move the vehicle.

( If not, sorry for my stupidity. )

Edit : I just made it into addon format, I also moved it in its own tab ( doesn’t work when I try to move it in Tools tab ), I’ll send it to you, like that you’ll be able to edit your download if you want.

Edit 2 : I just realized that we can’t send any file in our private messages and posts, it’s really bad…

Edit 3 : Here it is: ( Thanks for the dumb :smiley: )