Bind Say To Alias

Hey I am having issues binding the keys to make the player say something using a Alias

alias +do_pickup "bind e +grabweapon" // Enable do_action
alias -do_pickup "bind e +use"  // Disable do_action

bind alt "+do_pickup"

E is default already binded to +use. However when I hold down alt it activates +do_pickup alias. So if I press E while holding Alt it will do +grabweapon. Letting go of alt and pressing E does +use. Now you know how this works but my question is how do i set this up so when I press alt it rebinds a key to make the player say something. Now I want you to test this out and do not give me crap you never used yourself. This was all done through the gmod autoexec. so try to figure it out that way.

This is not really in the correct place, but:

alias sayshit "say shit"
alias +shit "bind e sayshit"
alias -shit "bind e +use"

bind alt +shit

good job man. Thank you so much. I was struggling finding this answer for almost a day. And it does not even take 2 hours before it got answered here. :smiley: