binding different letter keys

I was wondering is it possible to bind letter keys like “w” walk forward and “ALT” as walk move slowly together if this is possible tell me how

W is automatically walk forward. For the walk slowly part, I don’t know, i would say just google console commands or something.

bind alt “+walk; +forward”

Untested but should work.

I actually have ALT as my walking-key, it can be done in options>controls or sumthin.
As for both at the same time, I’d try to either do the above thing or checking both of them at the options menu… Even though I think you only can have one command for a button.

You can have as many commands as you want for one button. I’m not sure that it calls -command on key release if you have more than one +command being called on the key. If it doesn’t, you could use a couple of aliases like so:

alias +walkforward "+walk;+forward"
alias -walkforward "-walk;-forward"
bind alt +walkforward

You’d need to put the aliases into autoexec.cfg for it to work properly (aliases aren’t saved the way binds are.)