Binding keys?

How do you bind a Console command to a key?

/bind [command] [key]

If that’s not it then try

/bind [key] [command]

Wow you are so dumb

go in the console and type “bind key command”, however if you want to do it with lua then you the keypress hook.

LocalPlayer():ConCommand(“bind w +jump”)

RunConsoleCommand and Player.ConCommand are subject to a blacklist of blocked commands, including “bind”.

See here:

bind is blocked

ty i figured it out.

Cool, and it looks as though blown25 is the new Cubar.

UGH I believe there is a sticky somewhere that says something along the lines of this:

“Go on before you post, if you can’t find your answer, post here on facepunch”

because you follow the sticky all the time right?