Binding problems


I just changed my key bindings because I’m not a WASD user, instead I’m a ESDF one.

The problem comes when even changing the use key, is still binding to the E so is annoying, really annoying.

Is there anything I can do?


Does anybody know how to fix this? very annoying not being able to move forward with the E without opening an object.

I am assuming you have tried key the interact button to something else?

Yes, and in the options is binded to the new key is just like the options doesn’t care about it. Everyother bind works perfectly.

I’m not able to test it now but could you try to bind it to a different key to see that is not only me?


I see what you mean… It moves me forward with E, but it also interacts with items as if I am just holding down the interact key. For example if I walked at my door it opens it for me as i walk through, without my permission. It seems its just a bug that will be fixed in due time, but for now I think you are going to have to get used to the WASD keys until the issue is resolved. I would make a bug report while you can and try and make the issue apparent to the Dev’s.

But just to clarify, its not just you.

Ok, thanks, I might look for some software to bind keys to different keys temporary.

Curious, how/why did you get into using a ESDF binding?