binding the hud

i know how to bind things, but im having some trouble lately. im trying to ‘‘bind p cl_drawhud 0’’ and ‘‘bind o cl_drawhud 1’’. for some reason it isnt working. i think it might be because of the space between drawhud and the number. what am i doing wrong here? this would be really usefull for making videos.

type ( bindtoggle “o” “cl_drawhud 0” ) that should work. Be sure to include the quote marks

you sir, are a genius

If a command has arguments (as in you type a command then a value after it), you need to put quote marks around the command while binding. So for example:

bind h sv_cheats 1

would be incorrect, whereas:

bind h “sv_cheats 1”

would work.

This one is better than cl_drawhud

Bind l “toggle r_drawvgui”

it gets rid of death notices and the red screen when you die as well as the hud.