binding the hud

i know how to bind things, but im having some trouble lately. im trying to ‘‘bind p cl_drawhud 0’’ and ‘‘bind o cl_drawhud 1’’. for some reason it isnt working. i think it might be because of the space between drawhud and the number. what am i doing wrong here? this would be really usefull for making videos.

Make sure that you are in sandbox while doing this and have no other HUDs installed. I don’t think that the spacing is at all a problem, but try this

bind p "cl_drawhud 0"

with only quotation marks on the command. Hope this helps.

How many of these threads are you posting…

dude just use this

Press Escape key
go to options
click keyboard options
click advanced
check enable developer console
press the button under escape usualy (~) or if your in the UK it will be (¬)

then paste this into the console

Bind m "toggle r_drawvgui"

that means every time you press m the hud goes off then press m again to make it reappear.

Uh, bindtoggle m “cl_drawhud 0”?