Binoculars + Bulletproof glass windows

This sounds really weird but just got this idea…
Its so hard to see another person on the other side of the door…
So why not add Bulletproof glass windows xD

Also I love to see some Binoculars when you scout the feilds…

I agree with the binoculars.
But (bulletproof) glass windows sounds weird for a survival game like Rust.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I say that binoculars will definitely come, bulletproof glass however, probably not there isn’t even talk about NORMAL glass.

So youre in a survival situation with 500 weirdos running around.

You start gather wood with your rock and build yourself a shelter.

The next step? “Lets start smelting perfectly seethrough glass and start laminating it to make composite bullet proof glass! That seems easy enough!”

Yes. Because logic.