Binoculars Night Vision

**These could be used to spy on the enemies at night,
because using flares or flashlight would give away the position. **

I hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Gamma doesn’t give away your position ^^

I would rather just have normal binoculars. We already have night vision in the game so until that is fixed I don’t see the need for it nor like the idea in itself.

Night time should be a level playing field. What you see should be the same as you’r enemies. Just like it is now you are required to boost you’r gamma to be at a level playing field and it sucks. It was such a great experience when I was new to the game running around with a torch to be able to see.

I wish they fix the gamma problem and would rather not have night vision of any sort as it takes away the whole point of it being night.

Boosting gamma to see better at night is such an incredibly cheap trick. There, I said it. What’s up now!? Huh!? Your gamma, that’s what’s up. Bring it back down and play like a real (wo)man! Pshhhhhhhhh. </projecting tough guy attitude>

Hello people! This idea is amazing!

Being able to spy on people while it’s pitch black outside? Hell yeah!

The gamma problem isn’t so simple, I havn’t touched any settings but with my LG Flatron W2242P I can see at night almost clear as day and have not used a torch since the night changes with the last update. I have not changed any settings and it seems to be exactly the same with Dayz mod and stand alone nights.