Binoculars. Rust should have Binoculars.

Please add a Binoculars blueprint and allow us to craft binoculars! I always thought this would be a great idea for Rust.

Since we got scopes for guns now this should totally be a thing.

i would really love this and we all know what comes after binoculars, night vision :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be an easy thing to implement since they added the new scopes, and would also just make sense to have. I also think they should add the ability to go prone.

Love the idea!

would like to see the scope multifunctional; so you can connect it to a gun, or you can use it by itself.

Haha my friend was just bitching about this idea. Crazy

“They need to add bionculars in this game”

I totally support binoculars, I think you also should be able to see the names of the players you see through it.

Would be a great scouting tool

I like the idea …but i feel scopes are OP for the game so i think bino’s my spoil it even further

Not sure on this

Make binoculars have the same zoom in as the scope and have it be discovered in blueprint pages.
It would be easier to scout targets for raids as well

15 people has said yes and there no hate comments. I am amazed. This is the Rust community for God sakes where people make men give blowjobs to other men in game.

oh sorry, sorry.


Get REKT skrub!!!1!! JUST get better at the game and you won’t even need binoculars!!!1

Ahh so you are a 5 year old

you just jelly of my 133t skillz bra!

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You got my vote.

I think a Telescope would be great. these things that Pirates use dont know the name.

Yes! I wanted these before the scope came out. The scope is a bit OP because you can kill people from far away, but with binoculars you can see people from far away and see what they are wearing and what weapon they are carrying. Then you can decide to attack or not.

i think that would work!

you should make it so some players are born with genetic defects and are permanently blind, that should be died to the steamID just like dicksize though

Maybe not blind but they may need glasses of some sort.