I’m all the time seeing these dots move around in the distance wishing I had a set of binoculars, they’d be a great addition to the game. You could also use them to help solve the problem of identifying people if you made it to where anyone shown in them would have their name displayed. But even just regular binoculars I’d kill a dude for. Literally. Then take them from him.


Best idea I have seen yet.

I just scope my pistol. It provides me with several extra pixels of distant players.
That’s enough to tell zombies from people anyway.

That’s one way to get a closer look farther away, but binoculars still sounds like a great idea for any survival type game in general.

And prone … prone and binoculars … all I need to survive.

I like your ideia of binoculars for sure, but display everyone names around? Was that what you said (my english is not so good)? What about sneaking around if you have this big yellow name above you in the dark?

Actually, displaying the names does not seem like such a great idea. I like leaning towards the idea of keeping everyone remaining as unknown until you get close enough or ask in VOIP. It adds to the realistic feeling towards the game and also makes it more challenging.

Maybe in the future adding in some sort of group system with dots above friendlies? But that might be pushing it, I’m not really FOR that idea.

Nothing beats when you are getting raided, but the enemy happens to kill his own teammate in confusion :smiley:

Agreed, a friend killed me yesterday during all chaos :smiley:

Binoculars idea is cool.

However, i think making a Monocular is even cooler. Imagine snapped in half binoculars?

It gives more of that post apocalyptic feeling? Although crafting snapped in half binoculars doesn’t make sense… so maybe they’re loot drops only?

The game hasn’t got enough material to facilitate the idea yet.

No it doesen’t, but it’s definitely a good idea… especially towards a post apocalptic feeling!

Yes to prone and binocs.