So… We’ve got dozens of weapons and ammunition types, two furnaces, and a crapton of other objects. I see a lot of suggestions on this forum. Some are good, some aren’t so good. But I think that binoculars would make a great addition to the game. We all love to scout our surroundings by standing on a tower. It would make it possible to see clearly from 100+ meters, and would have a lot of different uses. You could spy on your neighbor, prepare a raid from far away, or just see what’s going on in a radtown or outside your house.
I think it’s way more needed than a sniper scope on the bolt, but I don’t recall anyone suggesting adding binoculars to the game. And it’s not unrealistic, seeing that we have highly complex ammunition and explosives that are waaaaaay harder to make than two tubes with glass lenses.
What do you think?

It’s been asked for, I am sure.

But still, I think it would be a great addition. It should give off a “scope glint” visible to anyone in the direction you are looking.

According to Google, it was last asked in March on Reddit, and the thread died in one day. I figured I’d ask one more time :slight_smile:
And yeah, the glint would be a nice addition, granted the players you’re “spying” looks towards you.

Hopefully it won’t end up like the solar flares we had with the sun not that long ago…

¨What is that glint in the distance?¨
These were the last words of poor Jimmy as a .556 bullet shot from a bolt action rifle ripped through his poor little cranium.

I think you’re on to something…

At least he saw the glint :surrender: