Biohazard lab rp

How about an rp gamemode, that is based on a lab, with experiments like headcrabs and zombies. You would be able to play as either a Scientist, a guard, a tresspasser, a headcrab, a zombie, and other experiments. There could be trucks to transport the experiments and equipment, cells for tresspassers. And there could be a control room with a quarantine option. If someone made this it would be popular.

Did you even read what you typed before sending it?

Edit: Nvm, he fixed it.

Yes, it is not breaking the rules. It is an idea. Don’t post any negative comments.

So dont post any feedback on the idea…got it.

Why make a gamemode on something you can just do in any RP gamemode?


No seriously, there is like a trillion RP gamemodes out there so why do people keep on making new ones?! Just because your server has a custom RP gamemode that none else has, it doesn’t make it a good server. Where’s the creativity you saw in gmod 9? I miss the old days :frowning:


I can’t really see a goal in your idea either, what would the gameplay be?


I don’t even own a server, I just thought it could be an idea.