got lazy partway through and just rushed the rest, what a surprise

Very nice, I like all the detail I can see.

The muzzleflash and the smoke look really weird, but I like everything else.

Well, everything except the a bit overdone shading on the oil drum.

The muzzleflash and shells are crappy - they don’t fit with the picture - but the lighting is ace. Where is that L85 model from? It doesn’t look like one I have seen before.

I don’t really like KF models in military pictures… they’re really badly disproportionate.

Dosh, grab em’ while you can lads.

They almost seem to look like cartoons, they’re so soft looking, I love the smoke.

Cheers. Flash was rushed and obviously a failed attempt to reach a trade-off between action (flashes) and realism (occasional and usually faint flash, smoke). Casings were just taken from a photo of the .22-250 casing that lives on my desk, since that’s the closest to 5.56 I had handy… I didn’t really spend much time matching them to the rest of the image, and it does show.

STALKER, but I edited the flash elim to look more like an A2 (while stupidly forgetting to change the cocking handle from the jam-o-rific type to the teardrop).

Unfortunately, if you want a pose with British soldiers in, they’re the most accurate and best looking - which doesn’t really say a lot for anything else. The sooner people put more effort into actually making soldiers which look right and less into porting bad models from twitch shooters (I won’t name games, but I doubt I need to), the better.