Biome Events

In my personal Oppinion all Biomes are pretty much the same besides the groundtexture, and how ressources tend to spawn. So how about we get stuff which make them eventually somehow diffrent. Here are some ideas.

Desert: Sandstorms they will be common and replace fog and rain in the Desert, cuz it rains far too much.
Tundra: Blizzard it gets very cold Naked people most likely will die, and Geared (Metal) will have to search for shelter with fire only people with snowjackets will be able to travel
Forest: this is the place where rain and fog should be an common thing. maybe we could get a Weather situation where it starts to storm and sometimes trees get thunderstruck and ignite a small area which could be faster to harvested.
Swamp(this is not in but i Hope): a lot of muddy water which slows you alot and a Another type of fog which dont gives you a lot of Sight as soon as it appears. + Scary Ambient Sounds.

All in all i think people should worry as much on the nature as they do about other people. This game is still a Survival Game

Great ideas, I would love these!