biomes buffs

so I was wondering about the biomes and how they affect our character and I thought that every biome should give a debuff and a buff for our player if he is a native of this biome.

desert native: strong against heat and weak against cold
northern biome native: strong against cold and weak against heat
forest and hills biomes: not much strong or weak against any biome

your native biome would be chosen on your first spawn. This sisten would make attacking other people bases harder.

I got this idea on JoeSkylynx thread

i don’t like it being fixed at random, but i could see a buff system where if you remain in one biome type for x minutes, you gain a benefit for a little while like resistance to heat/fire, resistance to cold, better harvesting(like +1 wood per hit).

I would actually imagine this going the opposite direction.

The longer I’m standing in a desert the more exposed I would expect to be, not more resistant to it. Granted, if I’d stayed there for years and years then yes, perhaps I could build up a resistance. But I think it would be more interesting to actually get a debuff for staying in these places for too long. (or at least in a desert or tundra)

Disregard. I suggested the same as the op.

if you get a debuff on those areas no one will make their houses there 'cause they dont want to be weaker on the place they need to be stronger as possible too save their hard work from beeing stolen by some random naked creepy guy

It would be interesting if what you wore affected your player depending on the biome (Heavy armor = over heat/ Light armor = freezing), though it would probably get annoying to change clothes when entering and leaving biomes, so it probably might just be a testable idea.

Well I’d imagine you’d only get the debuffs while you were roaming around outside or if you weren’t wearing the appropriate attire or something… I’m just spitballing here.

It’s like… people live in really harsh areas of the world but it’s not like they’re exposed to the elements 100% of the time. Having a simple shelter would protect you from those things, and therefore being inside would help prevent those debuffs… I guess. I dunno. Get off my back! :zoid:


I was mostly kidding, that’s why there’s the :zoid: there.

But in all honesty I would prefer a biome-specific debuff based on shelter and possibly even clothing rather than a buff for just hanging around there long enough.

Here You go

Warm Biomes = Hot = Sweating+Water Level is draining faster = dehydration = Death <- Water to encounter
Cold Biomes = Cold = Illness = Death <-(Cure Medizin) <- From roots or Lootable

my 20 Dollars

man I can already imagine the screen covered in a freezing effect while you see your own breath, are shuddering and the wind howls and seems like its cutting you open. the only goal is to find a warm coating and/or make a fireplace so you dont die of cold.
they can do a lot of things to create a good survival atmosphere with the different biomes.