Bionic woman

This was a test idea gonna make more like this since i think i got idea how to edit her blue suit on for action poses.

what have you done to Zoey?!? :frowning:

I don’t know :frowning:

Actually doing this gave me another idea i don’t think i can make a action pose with this type of edit on her without it not looking good.

But i do rather still have feedback on anything good or bad.

I bet she has thighs of steel.


OHSHI- I forgot your paint!

The Sixhundreds never had a chance.

Loving the editing to her hair, and that psychic energy looks kewl too.

Thanks, Tho i think i should of made it a tad smaller i was arguing with my self which looked best.

I love the editing.
Cept on the large mass of energy on the left, I like the particles in it but it almost looks like major scratches in glass. Still like it though.

Is that White shit. Semen? :crossarms:

It’s energy lol.

Honestly looks like she shattered the camera (like something you’d see in BSG). I actually kinda prefer to look at it that way, because it lends to the her strength and the carnage of the scene a bit more.

Looks like she gained the ability to jizz from her hands.

Her face looks a little derp lol
I like the atmosphere, but the energy looks really copy-pasted.

Looks nice but i don’t like the eyes so much, they need to be darker and more closed.