Bionicle Heroes Ports V2

Okay, I have been waiting patiently for someone to do some ragdolls or player models based off of Bionicle but so far I have only found one model and I think that is just plain stupid.

What I want are some ports of some of the creatures from Bionicle Heroes, I don’t care how long it takes as long as it gets done.

I know that there has been a lot of requests for models lately, but I would like to see at least a few more or at least a pack of Bionicle Models before the end of the year.

If you need references I will gladly provide them as long as I see some progress for once.

I am tired of having people ignoring my requests, I am asking nicely if someone would please port models from Bionicle Heroes to Gmod, if that can’t be done at least make some decent ones.

Heres what I want:
-The Bohrok
-The Vahki
-The Rahkshi

And if possible I would like:

If references are needed let me know and I will provide them if asked.

if you are tired of having requests ignored try to keep in mind not everyone here can get to it in 1 day, if you really needed them that bad you could take up modeling and do them yourself, there are plenty of tutorials on the internet and free programs, id gladly provide you with links to these

I don’t need them that bad, and I can get used to waiting but I would like to see at least a few Bionicle models on steam so far I’ve only seen one and I can’t find anymore, so I want someone to port models from Bionicle Heroes so fans can play with them.

These would be awesome. For reference:



Cool, can you find anymore?

I think more can easily be found by browsing this.

The only flaw is that none of the characters can be “Palette” swaps. Each different color creature has different things on it. The Rahkshi: Spines and Spears. The Bohrok: The Shield hands. The Vahki: The weapon blade arms.

Of course the Bionicle Wiki I forgot all about that! And what you mean by palette swaps?

He means like you can’t make one model and swap the colors 5 times and have 6 accurate models. What would be easiest is to make a base model and then sculpt the remaining detail from that. Of course, I don’t know how to model, so that’s up to whomever decides to take on the task.

Do you know anyone who be would willing to take up the task?

It could easily be possible by giving each one multiple bodygroups to change the parts, and then also set up skingroups to recolor it.
The Rahkshi could all draw from a single texture for the interchangeable parts, since they’re silver for every type, but set up the Bohrok’s hands to coordinate with the main body’s texture.
I’m no modeler, though I’m in favor of seeing this done.

Thanks for the support. Why are you in favor of this? Did you use to like Bionicle or is it because they look cool?


Here are some more references:




Here are some references for more of the rahkshi, vahki and bohrok:





Can someone please do this? I don’t have any experience in modeling AT ALL!

Used to like Bionicle? I remember being so psyched to get the first gen ones way back when I was in middle school xD I still play with my Rahkshi from time to time, even.
You’ll probably have a hard time finding a genuine modeler to do most of these, since they’re not available for porting.
To be honest, most of the modelers around here suck, too, so you’d probably be better off trying your own hand at it. I recommend Blender as a starting point.

I do have blender but the problem is I don’t know how to use it AT ALL.


Look up Blender Cookie, there are plenty of tutorials there that’ll help you out. The guy narrating them is pretty much awesome. To be honest, learning how to model isn’t nearly as hard as most people expect.

I’ll try some tutorials but I can’t guarantee that I can make these models. I could possibly port the ones from Bionicle Heroes to blender but that is it.

Were any models from that first Bionicle game that sucked remotely usable? I remember actually liking some of the reinterpretations of the characters.

One person said that they couldn’t be ported. I heard he may have ported some characters from Bionicle Heroes but I havn’t seen or heard of him and I assumed he gave up.