Bionicle Piraka Models?

There are very few Garry’s Mod models of Bionicle anywhere, My request is if someone can make models based off the Piraka from Bionicle or extract models of them from Bionicle Heroes and convert them for use on Garry’s Mod as ragdolls and player models.

If anyone needs reference here are some pictures of them.

The Entire gang (Set Pictures):

Bionicle Heroes Pictures:







If anyone else needs anymore references I will provide more if asked or requested.

Oh man these new Bionicles are crap. Generation 1 was the king.

I agree ^^

It was 01-03 + 06 were the best. Now, what do you mean by “few”? Love to see this done. There should be a thread dedicated to anything Lego related as Bionicle is a Lego theme.

Bohrok and rahkshi were the shit

And I can rip the blue piraka from the demo, but I wouldn’t know where to start deleting the scene to get it by itself(plus I haven’t even ported a model yet)

I wanted to rip the freakin’ bohrok. Best toys ever

I agree with all above!

Toas/Bohroks/Rahkshis were the shit.

Kopaka, Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Pohatu(?) and Onua :smiley:

I remember my first bionicle was Kopaka :stuck_out_tongue: when I was like 11 :smiley: I must have his mask somewhere in my house I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Even the Toa Nuva were awesome! and the Toa Metru were cool but kinda meh…
Everything from that generation above, was fugly and dumb :v:

Dragoshi, if you port any Bionicle model to Gmod you will own my Internet heart forever!

Toa Nuva, Rahkshi, and everything before. Everything else, I just have no idea what the hell they’ve turned into. Were the Bohroks the ones that turned into a ball, and had those rubbery masks inside of them? I really can’t remember much anymore, as it’s been over half my lifetime ago.

EDIT: And you know what? I even bought that one Bionicles movie that sucked ridiculously! Or at least it was awesome back then :frowning:

ya thats them. I had every single one

Here is 3 scenes I ripped from the game, everything 3dripperX ripped. It ripped the whole level with the rahkshi, piraka,visoraks,bohrok and the green toa, so you porters may have to zoom in and delete the level to get to it, I found the bohrok and toa, but I didn’t know how to apply textures…SO if anyone wants to give it a go porting, go for it, I can make higher res skins for the bohrok(and maybe rahkshi)

gen1 models would be okay but still a waste of time, they’d see no usage

Haha :stuck_out_tongue: the one where the Toa Nuva fight Makuta(something like that) and they find the Golden mask? I felt like it wasnt so bad, maybe it was because I was 12 lol, still they were awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


:smiley: I hope someone takes the porting job ASAP.


Playermodels, posing or something else :v:
Maybe even hacking Bionicle parts on to other models.

The skybox is the limit.

I personally thought Gali Nuva’s (the blue one) boss fight was difficult for some odd reason.

Wow I didn’t expect this post to become popular this quick! So who is willing to convert all the models? If you need more references I can get some more.

Toa Matas, Bohrok, Rakshi and Exo-Toas + Bohrok queens (Bahrag and Bohrog if i remember correctly?)

Toa Nuva were kind of LAME. Rakshi looked cool, Bohrok were fucking cool, and Toa Matas we’re classic.
Rahi were pretty damn cool too. Just…what the fuck is that they do now? It isn’t even Bionicle. It’s some fucking biological plant destroying an oven, not machine-made legends killing the ultimate evil-doers.

Does anyone remember the online game, MNOLG I, where you did shit around Mata Nui?

PS. Also, the rubber masks were called Krana.

PPS. I remember this well because they were pretty much all that i played with when i was younger. I still have a couple of tubes of Bionicles in my closet i guess.

What i’d want is Onua and Tahnok. Maybe the red and black Rakshi. Those two combined were an emo Rakshi :V

Yeah, they fucked up bionicle. Just look at the commericals with “Boy band” music on them.

I used to have them, but my little cousin tore them to pieces. And then they’d be lost or chewed up by the dog.

So did I ^^ And I still have some somewhere (all my Lego is “somewhere” though exactly where is another matter :P). I even made a Mata Nui for the original lot by painting the evil one (can’t remember the name of it, but it was big, red and black) white and gold :smiley:

I still have a copy of MNOLG, I even remember when bionicle first came out, my brother and I played a bit of it. My favorite of the first one was Pohatu, I thought he was cool because he could kick a Kohli ball that could destroy enemies.

The people! And these models in general are? If is, tell to me! Please!

oh my lord, we really need some bionicles in gmod. all we really have at the moment is an avokki (mask of light) mask for tf2 on, but of course it doesnt work. but it looks amazing.

i know nothing about porting and texturing and all that flop, but if someone were to port the rahkshi,
bohrok, piraka, vezon and fenrakk, krekka, nidhikki, roodaka, and toa models they would be garrysmod
legends. :dance:

PLEASE dont any of you give up on this, its something that cant be forgotten. infact i know a few who port models and make them, ill inform them of this.

This thread is almost a year old, why did you even bother bumping it?

Holy hell, Bionicles were half my life…