Bionicle Player Models Please?

Well since the Bionicle Series is going to end this year, I would like to make a request for Bionicle Player Models that are based off the first bionicle sets released.

Images are required in requests, also, are there Bionicle models? From-scratch models usually aren’t that pretty.

There’s some in the old Bionicle: Mask of Light game. I still have that shit in my room somewhere.

Will this work, or do you need more?

I absolutely loved those :smiley:
Someone should really make them into models!

Neo-Dement was making Lewa, he already had the chest but there hasnt been an update on it in quite a while(1 month maybe more).

There has been alot of threads about Bionicles, all get lost, but I will support this one as well, I would love to get a Kopaka Model.

Me too! :smiley:

Pohatu and Lewa FTW

I didn’t even know anyone was ever working on Bionicle models. Oh god, yes.

I’ve been a fan for a long time, I must support this and any other Lego related request.

Same Here.