BIONICLE Toa Models Released in a Skyrim Mod - Port Possible?

I’ved posted once about the possibility of a creation of BIONICLE models through a port of the old 2003 video game, but that seems to have not gained traction. But recently I made a discovery that could prove valuable.[/thumb][thumb][/thumb]

The models are part of a full conversion mod for Skyrim that’s supposed to recreate a full BIONICLE story that’s release point is unknown. However, the modders have released the models ahead of time as part of a race mod. Download it here.

(Note: the mod is a bit WIP, and appearently an update soon will add more customization to the base models (made customizable through different armor items)

I know Skyrim is within the realms of porting to the Source engine (though I note releases have been limited somewhat), so if a model porter/rigger is willing, could the possibility of this mod finally let us play as some of the best childhood toy heroes?

I’m going to be that guy, and say;

…They do not have the right parts.

Looks decent, someone should definitely have a crack at porting this.

Throw Makuta Teridax in there and your bound to be supported!

I could figure out how to do it, but Blender’s SMD exporting tools are broken

Fucking old times, ahhh I found in my home these bionicles… first ever black and red.

Damn, this was a good time… Best Bionicles generation.
They’re looks good here.

I only got like 4 of the original crew, missing the fire and water ones.

Got all 12 Bohrok (Regular + Kal variants) though :v:

Speaking of which, are those included anywhere?

Shit you turned on my nostalgie to the fucking maximum. I remember buying these when I was 5…fuck I want to play Lego again.

I have three of the original Toa, all six of the regular Bohrok, 5 of the Toa Nuva and 2 of the Rahkshi. Would be nice to see these guys in Gmod.

Ahh. Good childhood memories.

My mom donated my bionicles before I could finish the 6 year conquest against my lego’s :frowning:

You know what, despite these having the wrong parts I think they are great BIONICLE models for Garry’s Mod and Skyrim!

I’m that guy.

I have every set that exsists, and some I have are x3, I even have Takutanuva, and Kraaka.
I. Fucking. Loved. Bionicle.

As for Bionicles I got All original Toa, Toa Nuva, Borahk, 3 of the Borahk Kal, Makuta, Takutanuva, all of the Vahki, Rahkshi and the Metru Nui Toa, Even some of the Villager guys (whos name I can’t remember right now) and the Village leaders (whom I can’t remember what they were called either). Bionicle was one of my all time fav lego series. Then it got replaced by that Hero Factory thing.

giants will now have to think twice before using their stomp attack.

I am laughing so hard right now there is not words.

Matoran and Turaga. :wink:

I’m pretty sure the usage of the wrong parts might have something to do with flexibility. I remember some of the original sets having very stiff arms that couldn’t lift into a T-pose unless the arms were disconnected, turned, then reattached. The newer parts displayed here look to be for assisting in animation.

Much appreciated. On another note, comics who else read em?

I have every single comic issue in pretty much mint condition. :smile: