Bioservers - Is that any good?

I’ve been looking a host for my server for a while, and looked one with lowest price for the start.
So I want a 20 slotted server to run Underdone gamemode.

I found this hosting company named Bioserver sfrom Garry’s Mod Wiki.
It seemed to be the cheapest one and the servers are located in Lodon which is pretty good.

Does anyone here have a server rented from Bioservers and can tell if its good or not.

I would go with bioservers over UKGame any day, and I believe there aren’t many other UK hosts right now… could be wrong TBH.

Good luck.

Bioservers is great from what I’ve heard.

Yes Bioservers is the best I’ve seen for UK.

I’ve known Daniel for quite some time now. Runs a tight and honest ship. Great company, great people. Go for it! A good review from me!

So far just positive comments, I believe this has to be good.
I think I’ll go for Bioservers.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Go with

if your order outside of England you get with Clanbase & Bioservers shit MS.

A friend of mine owns bioservers so obviously i’m going to tell you to go with them. But seriously, I have had nothing but good experiences with them. They are a great host.

Personally when I used them the server was ok and the customer service was great. But I found UKgame more appealing since they are only slightly more expensive but you get free web hosting and the SVN system is much easier than asking the owner to install them every time.

EDIT: Also the fast download system provided by UKGame saves alot of time.

I use ukGame, wasn’t expecting it to be good, but it is fantastic.

I currently have an Experiment server up with Bioservers, no problems, almost instant replies on support tickets and they don’t steal your gamemodes ^.^

Who does?

I’d recommend not using cbl. Apparently they’ve got terrible support, pack boxes and will uninstall your server without any warning.

I use Bioservers, server isn’t laggy and when the owner gets a new box he can move your server onto it for even less lag.

Bioservers is very good, one of my favourite roleplay communities is using it for its servers, there was hardly any lag.

Seconded. Take it from an insider, stay away.

Yeah, go with Bioservers for UK.


Bio sucks.

Why is that?