Bioshock 1 Ports

Felt it was time to post my Bioshock ports here, since I want to get back into porting from BS1.

I’m looking for requests, as I need to get back into the pace of regularly porting props, so please go ahead and request props. Ragdolls of the Splicers are in the pipeline but not definite. I’ll only do stuff from Bioshock 1, as I don’t have Infinite or 2 installed, and nor do I want to port from them.






About bloody time. Good job!

possible Andrew Ryan/Atlas?

Me and Ninja intend to port the Splicers, Ryan, and Cohen. Atlas is a reskin of Waders so he’s definitely there, but our work is slow atm.

If your taking requests for props, how about the vending machines, or Cohen’s “art”

I want to lick every inch of your body

this is great

You deserve a medal son

I have the Circus of Values ported. Need to fix it up and release it… I intend to give the splicers cement-covered skingroups, too.

You mean we too can make “art”? That’s fantastic.

Sorry for the bump, but how’s it progressing ATM?

Haven’t done any lately, I’ve been a lazy cunt. I have a bunch of stuff done, such as chip bags, energy bars, coffee flasks, etc but it’s fucking annoying compiling in the current status of SSDK being fuckbroken. I have to use the L4D SDK, and it always compiles to the Sin Episodes folder for some reason, which means I have to do a lot of tedious shifting, which quickly dispells my want to port shit.

Well, that sucks. I’m really hoping the rest of the splicers come out soon. Especially the Ducky.