Bioshock 1 Ragdolls Re-upload

Hi. There was a guy on here called Plasmid who had did Bioshock porting a while back. But I am looking for the Bioshock 1 Ports that he had done.

Here they are:

However the links are not working anymore, and I wondered if anyone still had these models and would please kindly re-upload them again as I would like to use them for something I am working on. I know there are Bioshock 2 models, but I prefer the ones from the first game. I will be grateful to whoever will do this for me.

I would ask Plasmid, but I believe he is holding of doing more Bioshock Porting and may not have them anymore.



I dont port ragdolls anymore and these ones are done very badly but here.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

Very appreciated :slight_smile:

Is it placed in the addons? how do i install the models?