Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Splicers

Pretty much the same request that has been itching at a few of us for a while.

The Multiplayer Splicers from Bioshock 2, that’s pretty much it, the singleplayer ones can be ported later. Maybe bodygrouped masks. Maybe the non-spliced third-person models from the character selection menu.

Will hopefully include Zigo d’Acosta, and the other multiplayer addon characters.

Thank you.

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Bumping, just in case the thread was unnoticeable.

Meh, support. These models would be pretty cool.
Also, if you haven’t seen them before, there are some splicer models here:

Have those ones, already. I heard someone ported them, but they’ve never been released. It’s just like the Borderlands Character fiasco.