Bioshock 2 ragdolls
*Here are some beta models of the splicers, I know theY might HAVE some glitches but i’m still working on this.

All splicer models have face and finger posing and have skin groups, the women in the red dress has a dead body skin.the brute splicer has a jiggle boned stomach.


Big sister and alpha with skin groups and finger posing


eleanor and little sister

Eleanor white dress, finger posing, face posing


I wonder why lots of games had better stuff in the beta.

By beta I mean the models are in a W.i.p stage, sadly they took all beta models out of this game

I’ll definitely experiment with this. BTW, are you going to upload the faceposed Little Sister models?

yes but later on

Faceposable? I love you all.

Damn, for once someone makes a port from a game face AND fingerposable. Plasmid, you are a god.


Hmmmm, I really like that non-splicer girl.

Brutal Splicer - let arm is not flexible…well… whole ragdoll is. finger posing need fix. And give him eyeposing plox.
Thought ya’d need a test report.
Cuz brute splicer is awesome.
Good job.

yeah I know about his arm, he needs a little work, I may just redo him

is that why they look so cartoony?

…they look cartoony cuase thats the way 2k game’s developers modeled him, has nothing to do with what I did

Heyyyyy why did you credit my steam name? :v:

sorry I thought you would want that, ill change it

Is it possible to rip Eleanor Lamb as a little sister?

Also, good work, thanks for these.

the regular little sister with the yellow dress is the same model they used for eleanor

When can we expect the main characters to be released?

not sure, when they are done I guess, school and things do get in the way

Are you going to port the multiplayer characters?

im going to try and answer all porting questions with this post
yes to multiplayer yes to props we are even going to throw some custom ragdolls together made by hacking two together such as the eleanor with no helmet model,and the big sister with a drill

Daum, I liked every bit of that I heard 'cept the Eleanor part.