Bioshock character pack?

I wondered if anyone would be interested in ripping characters from Bioshock for Garry’s mod. We already have a big daddy, so that doesnt need to be done again.

Here are some characters from ingame - Frank Fontaine's_Cove.JPG - Atlas - Tenenbaum - Little sister

If anyone can rip them, that would be great. I think it will also be excellent for Bioshock lovers as well.

I got one of the Splicers.

Here’s the OBJ. file:

Now get someone to smooth it, t-pose it, rig it and then compile it.

I dont know a lot of people here :frowning:

I would really like an Atlas though

Bloocobalt did that last year du-I’ve said too much

He didn’t release it though.

Frank Fontaine is so cool.
I see he is only a recycled splicer :frowning:

You’re still wasting time

That’s only the first time. His final boss form is huge.

do it please D: