Bioshock Infinite 2009-2014 Cut Content

I’ve heard rumors that someone has finally manage to get at the vast amount of cut content from Bioshock Infinite has been leaked, i’m just curious has anyone got this stuff and willing to extract or even release?

I have released everything that Bioshock Infinite had to offer, you can check if there is cut content in the packs.

Bioshock Infinite final release only has the bare minimum of cut content like the “respawner” for example and a few things but nothing major not like the stuff that was shown in trailers… thats the stuff i’m trying to find.

There is noway to get such items, that is with Irrational Studios.

if that was the case would i be making this thread? i have seen a few things here and there that are suppose to be lock away.


Another Option is this since they are shutting down, we could ask that they release this stuff?

How would that email go?
Hey Irrantional, if you just, you know, release all that content you held back from Bioshock Infinite, that would be great.


Its their models, there is no chance they will release something that they cut. I honestly think there has been no company ever that released models that were cut.

man that attitude is intoxicating, try optimist and don’t be so negative? OK.

and many companys have released models and source code before it happens more often than you think, sometimes they even re-release the game when they do that.

Very, very few companies willingly release their models free of charge. Valve, a developer who banks on their game being supported by the modding community, didn’t even release their cut content. The Half Life 2 content we have was leaked.

If a company cuts content, it’s probably because they don’t feel it works out as well as they pictured it would. Perhaps it just doesn’t fit, doesn’t look as good, or whatever else. If the content is cut, it’s usually pulled from the game entirely because shipping unused content is a waste of space that people won’t want.

If cut content is found, it’s probably polished and released by the company (Gears of War Dark Corners DLC) or leaked by someone with or who obtained access. The content will probably be tossed onto a website and distributed to whoever wants it, but you probably won’t be able to pull it from the game if it was actually cut and unused. You may find a few files that were left due to human error, but it’s usually not enough to actually be of any use.

Other than that, I’m not sure telling us you heard a rumor means you need to shoot down anybody who tells you it’s false.

Gears of War Dark Corners DLC? first game. i’ll have to look into that because i know that game was something else entirely at the start before it became gears of war but sounds interesting just the same.

its not shooting down people its more trying to get something fruitful from this thread.

Valve released all 4 of the cut beta L4D1 survivors. Miracles do happen sometimes, just not often.

The Dark Corners pack was DLC for Gears of War 2. It added some new maps for multiplayer as well as a an extra map to the campaign that was originally cut. I was just using it as an example since they actually publicly released content that was once removed.

As for Bioshock cut content, it’s possible that content may have been leaked with the company shutting down, but it won’t be stored anywhere in the actual game itself. If these rumors are true, you’d be better off focusing on where they’re originating from until you find out who has the content or whether it was just a lie. For now I’d avoid getting your hopes up too high in case it doesn’t work out.

Valve is probably one of the biggest exceptions on anything related to raw content and modding. Perhaps they planned on releasing their cut content at one point but never did because it was already leaked. Who knows? Aside from that, they’ve actually been extremely supportive of the modding community. They created the workshop to allow you just dive in and add anything your heart desires. They even released the original files for a big pieces of their games to ensure you knew exactly how to get started the way they did things. You can pick up your copy of Call of Duty each year and pay $60 for a new weapon and a couple new maps, or you can play Counter-Strike and obtain thousands of user-created, er, everything for free.

yes hello irrational games i know you’re a triple A game company and you paid a team of modelers thousands upon thousands of dollars to create these beautiful assets for bioshock but since you’re getting shit-canned can you release those assets for me


yeah, i’d say the community to sound less like a dick. plus those assets may be thrown away and forever lost…