BioShock Infinite Models

My first models from new Bioshock. Atleast I know that it’s possible to rip them. More comming later.!td4UCbLI!J1HYGyytXLeRoh4ndN1PuF4a7wEjSQQq3z2F9B7uEy0!pMoVxTRQ!fosN221NAXxjWlm0nvu66zrn_dxN0urDflBnwOSH3yc!oAQwSLTB!FjAx3Dc-8_cZGJYub0-JSggcO-wj3ZTZJZCaJV2OEQY


Awesome! I had the feeling someone could do it right when it came out! :dance:

Great job though! can’t wait too see what else you upload! Like maybe the two main character’s Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth? :slight_smile:

I haven’t completed missions so far.

Oh ok! well keep up the awesome work Ivars your doing great so far! :smile:

you can just use UEViewer to extract the models, with bones and everything.

Does not support it yet, anyways, the file format is different compared to the other Bioshocks, so it might never be supported.

You know that as soon as Elizabeth is ported this thread will skyrocket

They are working on support right now.

Just download Umodel from gildor’s site and it has to work properly well.

WOW this is fast.

As Gildor explained recently in his forums, the first BioShock required a lot of time to update umodel for compatibility. With every UE3 game that is released with different archive formats, Gildor has to update umodel.

Gildor is currently preparing his entire family for an international relocation. He does not know how long it will take to update umodel for Infinite, nor does he know when he’ll have anytime at all to look at it.

Of course, he’s churned out some updates more quickly than expected in the past. So we can all be hopeful, and in the mean time, patient.

Huh, my bad. Sorry, but I haven’t tried it for Infinite one, but past 2 parts do work with Gildor’s viewer.
Oh well, seems I am wrong in here, but thanks for the information.

can’t wait for Vox/Founders soldiers models .

Ripping Liz would be epic lulz. Can’t imagine what sort of tomfoolery you guys would do to her.

I managed to rip songbird but I have no idea where to get the proper texture. The ripped texture is mixed with the bumpmaps and everything

First person hands and songbird added. + Two WIP pictures.

@Techbot - I already ripped it today. :slight_smile:
@zurf3r - I have never used UEViewer. After It gets updated I might try to use it.

Textures should be in CharTextures.tfc one of them, there are two.

Someone should rig these up for GMod soon.

I’d do it myself, but my computer shits all over itself when I try.

ripping these are pointless so is rigging them

Since when umodel supports bioshock infinite it extracts the models with bones intact and has Better Textures

It would be fun if someone were to replace the HEV suit hands and CSS hands with the BS:I arms.