BioShock Infinite Models

I am currently working on porting as many characters from BioShock Infinite as I can. I might even consider making player models for some of them. :dance:

I’ll hold my breath until I see a release happen, but good luck to ya and thanks for putting in the effort.

No problem. :v: I mainly want to port this models for the enjoyment of you guys and because there are barely any BioShock Infinite models on Garry’s Mod (apart from Elizabeth and Booker). The game was also great and I enjoyed it. :smiley:

We just released the source files for HWM Elizabeth, so if anyone wants to port her to gmod, go ahead
Check the SFM section

Alright, thanks for the info.

Dissolution already ported these, but it would be interesting to see Elizabeth and Booker as player models.

I actually didn’t know that. Did he port all of the models or just a few?

they were unfinished

Anyone know the link to the models?

They’re pretty bad.

I ended up losing the source files because my hard drive died on me, sorry.

Okay, thanks! This will help decrease the amount of time I need in order to port the rest.

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Fixing up Booker’s bones so that I can use him as an NPC and player model.

You’re puting Booker and others on Valve’s rig?

Eh, as a model poser, that seems like it might be lacking in ragdoll flexibility, but if you can get faceposing all can be forgiving.

If not, then that would be a kind of Booker that’s already out there.

I am not putting all of the models on the Valve Biped, only the humans. Things like the Motorized Patriot, Handyman and Songbird will be rigged to the default rig.

You aren’t putting songbird on valve biped? Lame.

why WOULD songbird be on the valve biped?

How is that lame? Songbird is way too big and I would have to resize him (unless you want a small Songbird player model). Even if I do pivot his default bones to match the Valve Biped then he would still be too big to be used as a player model. Plus, if I do change his skeleton then people wouldn’t be able to make an SNPC for him.

I was just joking, but it would be kind of funny to see it :v:

I guess, lol.

Just curious mate, will you be using the SFM HWM Elizabeth? I hate to bother, but I needed to ask.

Sure. I can use the SFM one and the ones Dissolution gave me.