Bioshock Infinite Models

How can I port the models of Columbia’s Cops, Soldiers and Vox Populi soldiers characters to Gmod?

you’ll need few tools , Blender or 3dsMax and Crowbar , find an import plugin or a way to decompile the Bioshock models so you can import them in to Blender or 3dsMax and use the source blender or 3dsMax tools to export an .smd or .DMX of the files, you’ll then need to convert the Bioshocks textures to .vtf .vmt so you can skin the .MDL file you created using Crowbar to comile the .smd’s or .DMX’s , its not an easy job to do and if you have never used Blender or 3dsMax before it would be better to ask for someone to port the models for you

I see, yeah it indeed sounds like a long and complicated task, and I don’t have any experience.