Bioshock Map, too bad...

I tried to make a Bioshock map for Garry’s Mod, and after a week Hammer decided I had too many brush faces, brushes, and displacements. Believe me guys, I tried everything. Big sorry for this, short of making everything a prop_static or prop_physics in Maya and then porting it to hammer there is no solution. I tried. Have fun watching the video.

you tried making all your complex geometry func_details or making them into props using Propper? (much easier than maya)


it looks really good btw

Damn you got the look down perfectly. Great job.

Teach me please? Lol. I am not that good at hammer, but I have the patience and eye to make something detailed and good. What is this propper you speak of?

I did the complex geometry func_detail thingy. Kept all the rooms basic shapes to reduce compile and rendering issues, but then got massive hammer limit fails.


Bioshock map shall continue, Thanks to Penguiin EPIC MAN!!!

Propper is a modified vbsp that compiles to model/smd instead of .bsp

Here is the link about it and how to use it:

Could you release the map as it is?

Could you make it into a tiny map? It would be cool as-is if you added an exterior.


Quit it guys.


This could be the start.

It does look really nice, but there are a ton of unneeded brushes.

Not liking the ttt, sounds like a Trouble In Terrorist Town map.

Nice map, also nice taste in music :stuck_out_tongue:

Derp, that’s what he implied.

Yes it would be terrible for TTT

Very nice work. Some new textures and propper’d details and you’ll be back working on the map in no time.

The map in this state would not be good for ttt, but if there could be a ttt map in this (Rapture) style, I think it would do quite well.

Dude, it looks real great, learn how to make all detailed things into static props. Don’t use propper, you can aswell just learn to prop it the real way.
You would be an idiot if you gave up on this map.

Learning how to use a 3d-modelling software is easier said than done.

What exactly is Propper?

Brushwork to model compiler

It’s a shame that this can’t be done. :frown: Looks very detailed.