Bioshock models

Should i make a pack of bioshock/bioshock2 models?

I have seen people talking about making texture packs for bioshock but bioshock doesn’t have just regular textures for brushes so i think he quit on it.

If i do then please tell me what models you want that are from the game.

little sister orphanage :stuck_out_tongue:

as in misc items?

The weapons would be nice, and I’ve seen several requests for the medical implements and such.

Eve and plasmids since I could never get the high res textures

Plasmid models?

I have the model for the plasmid hand for both games…

I’m no lua coder so if you want actual plasmids to work then i would need help.

no I just meant the models of the plasmids, didnt say hands or lua

He means the jars with the fluids inside them that grant you the powers when you inject them in to your body.

Having that and the syringe would be pretty sick.

lol ok well working plasmids would be pretty cool too

I have the needle injecting animations =D

I guess i will put up some of the ones you guys want currently on my dropbox and put up the share link for now.

after 3 days of no answers i feel like most people just look at the front page…

Dude, I have not been able to see such development since RL bothered me, but the more ports, the better. I could see the plasmid thing going to GmToybox, I swear the incinerate in GM has been done before, but not the needle in the arm part of it.