Bioshock NPC pack (request)

Can someone please make a Bioshock NPC/SNPC pack? You know, with like Bouncers, Rosies, Turrets, Splicers, and the like.

Thuggish splicer:
Leadhead Splicer:
Nitro splicer:
Security bot:
Sorry for the gigantic list, but it would be fun with epic battles, right?

It’s probably possible, but no-one would bother to model them form scratch, and I don’t know about any way to port the models over from the PC-version of Bioshock to Source, and if someone actually DID this, the AI/Attacks would be waaay to complicated for anyone on the LUA-scripting request forum to bother doing.

Even though, I would also like to see those NPCs


Ok, so i found the Bouncer model. But still, the animation/AI would be too complicated

i think someone has done a model pack on facepunch somewhere

Care to find it?

I know about the Bouncer ragdoll, but I like blowing up NPCs more than ragdoll posing :stuck_out_tongue:
And about the complicated part, the more complicated it is, probably the funner it’ll be when it’s done :smiley:

Yeah, but it also drastically increases the wait, and decreases the possibility of someone actually bothering to do it. People on the request forum are lazy

I’m not lazy. I just know that if I try, it’ll come out to look all funny. Kinda like it just came out of the sewer or something.

I didn’t mean that YOU are lazy, I mean that one rarely gets a response if what you request is more than 60 lines of scripting

i found the bioshock pack

(Hopefully) won’t be long 'til someone decides to make NPC outta them :smiley:

Keywords: Animations and Advanced AI.
I don’t believe anyone is gonna bother, but we’ll see

If they had animations, I’d make NPCs from them. :sigh: