Bioshock pic. (bigdady & little sister, bloodbath, murdered splicers, scene-built)

gm_flatgrass_night and all ingame.

I managed to get rid of spawnmenu crash bug :slight_smile: This is my victorious picture. even if it’s just a 15min one.

flatgrass angle (click):

Girl smoking on the table while repairman working (scenebuilt)

A simple building at a river’s shore (scene build, interior partly visible)

Girl is waiting for next costumer (scene built living-room with new stuff)

Built house (Stranded models, ‘new’ furnitures, different style than my prev. houses)

Posing on the Big Daddy looks really off but, as per usual, the scene-build is perfect.

Nice scene!
Pose could be better.

Hehe, the older Alma is lying in a pool of blood near her younger self.

Nice scene.

Those times when I was able to do something good are long gone.

Thank you for comments!